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Blobby Volley

Developer: Unknown
Year: 2001
Genre: Sport
Rating: 84%
Downloads: 20,701
Size: 794 KB
Added: 15 years ago

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An ok volleyball game where the two players are blobs. Hit the volleyball by jumping when it's above you, and try to get the computer to not get the ball over the net. Nice graphics and sound, but the game is 2D.

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ali 2 years ago

very nice

rahul 4 years ago

very cool game

waseem 5 years ago


lionherated 7 years ago


wanderson mc gostoso 9 years ago

eu qeria jogar muito esse jogo porqe eu achei ele legal

Vivek Krishnan 12 years ago


Blobby Volley is a really fun and addictive volley ball

game. Basically you are a little blob that plays volley

ball on the beach. You sort of look like a squishy jelly


Each player (Blob) can be controlled either by the player

or the computer. So you can play against an AI opponent

or a friend.

The multiplayer option is quite well done (LAN or

Internet play - you can use IP addresses or machine


There is basically just one rule you need to know to

play. You only score a point if you were the one that

served the ball. So if the opponent serves and you

manage to make him miss the ball, you don't score.

You just get to serve the next round. Just like real


The gameplay takes some getting used to. You must time

your shots right as to not miss the ball. Rebounds off

the wall can be quite tricky to get.

However, once you have mastered the gameplay, you will

find it quite addictive & fun, especially when you play

against your buddies or family member.

You can change the "skin" of the blob, and choose

whatever fancy player name you want.

The game is in German, but there is an option to change

to English. Too bad the game doesn't seem to be updated

anymore - I would love to have some more configurable


Simple & beautiful games don't get better than this !

Check it out !!

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