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Drug Lord 2.2

Developer: Fred Bulback
Year: 2003
Genre: Simulation
Rating: 92%
Downloads: 183,622
Size: 441 KB
Added: 15 years ago

Our Drug Lord 2.2 Review

According to the developer, "Drug Lord 2 is a game that continues where Drug Lord 1 left off. Your goal is still to amass as much money as possible by buying and selling drugs, but your neighborhood has grown considerably." Drug Lord 2 introduces an array of fun new features, namely the ability to travel between cities whose markets may be different, the borrowing of money from loan sharks, and charts displaying a history of price for each market.

The concept of the game is simple; you start off as a wannabe-drug dealer and must work your way up the ranks by making wise economic (and strategic) decisions. You make money by buying "goods" when they are at low prices, and selling the "goods" when they are high. This is supply and demand at its best. It's like they made microeconomics fun and addictive, which is no easy feat.

This game is much more entertaining than a stock market simulator because it adds gameplay elements to something that's so cut-and-dried. And unlike many game remakes and continuations, Drug Lord 2 is actually an improvement over its predecessor.

169 User Comments

Oh Man, I remember this.... 2 weeks ago

Install into C:\ with no white spaces in your destination folder.

EG: C:\DL2

Richard Parmely 3 months ago


Humu 4 months ago

This is just one of the best games I have ever played!!!

Jake 9 months ago

Dose any body novifbyou can some how get it in an iPhone ?

STEEN LUNDE 17 months ago

81 maple st scarsdale,10583

Ella Stern 2 years ago

I've played this game 17 years ago when I worked at a law firm. I don't like any type of games - real or virtual - but for some reason I really took a liking to this.

Naturally, I've long forgotten the name and gone through moves and remodeling but thought about it again recently. Tried various names and I think it is the Druglord that I had played.

Unfortunately, for some reason the versions I've downloaded - 3 by now - will not open on my computer. &^$#^*$, yes all of that. What is the problem? Why can't I get to this game???

Zakaria 2 years ago

the name of the music is "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath

weeurey 2 years ago

Im currently creating a remake. Check here


tsundoku 2 years ago

year 2016, and i still love the concept of this game!

KuKuBahTao 2 years ago

Anybody knows the title of the music at the beginning ?

jj 2 years ago

my top score is 13,363,927,163

sam 2 years ago

Yeah. Well my top score is 2,097,583,825. So get that up ya

Desduesd 2 years ago

Well lads, im proud to say it and im fucking pumped. a friend of mine is making AND revamping Drug Lord 3! I know! Im pumped too, he is around 30% done! ^-^ His twitter is @drug_lord_3

Domino The Don 2 years ago

On DRUG LORD 3 ...have more choices...like houses and cars and bodyguards..lawyers and such

wanjawa 3 years ago

Can you make a picture, every type drug when gamers buying and sell process. Its can make a real .process.hahaha, i play this game in 2005

Matthew Barnard 3 years ago

Hey Guys... I'm a developer and I want to make Drug Lord 3... Do you guys have any suggestions on what to include in it? Any cool ideas?

ChickenBandit 3 years ago

Can anyone make Drug Lord 3 please??

nj 3 years ago

My top score is 16,962,679,578

Shogosan 3 years ago


830.624.548 DOLLARS MONEY!!!!!!

misterwhy 3 years ago

I used to play this game during my half hour lunch break at work, from monday to thursday; in one week I made 50 billion dollars. Then my boss erased the game.

virus612 3 years ago

Fanta white et Jesse Lennon!

nibelu 3 years ago

merci fanta

Malek 3 years ago

fanta white was here

Anonymous 3 years ago

Merci fanta !!

Teddy 4 years ago

Is there any way to delete high scoores?

Jay Stickings 4 years ago

I <3 this game. I myself am a drug user and I find it very realistic. 10/10

whiteflag 4 years ago

i hit a high score of just over 10,000,000,000 (10 BILLION) last week. Not bad eh

Bosire 4 years ago


Carlors 5 years ago

I love dis game

hema 5 years ago

lord 2

ilenia 5 years ago

è bellissimo questo gioco!

Droid 5 years ago

What the hell this page still visitied since long time ago...9 years ago is the first comment? lol

ryan 5 years ago

Lefenlict is a damned idiot that's not even about the game cock-much and oh btw it doesn't make sense when you read it either!!!!

J-P-B 5 years ago

this game is so addictive and I like it my top score is 440000000 $

Ernesto 5 years ago

I made 1,500,000,000 :D

Thatoneguy 5 years ago

When will this game be fitted for the I phone please be soon

domovoi 6 years ago

awsome game......keeps u engaged for hours.....should make drug lord 3 with better graphgics

Vince 6 years ago

Drug lord 3 do it...

Gaffa 6 years ago

Unable to copy file eh?? Right click and run it as an administrator and it should install!

lisa 6 years ago

Any one know how I can sell on the game? I buy the stuff but it won't sell.

peshitta 6 years ago


Jaya 6 years ago

when i try to install, it says "Unable to copy files" can anyone help me with that

Jaya 6 years ago

when i try to install, it says "Unable to copy files" can anyone help me with that

Mr CarMchiel 6 years ago

I enjoy rabbits. I enjoy them in many different forms. Sometimes anally, sometimes orally, sometimes cooked with butter, a man is never alone when he he has a rabbit nearby. Come around sometime and share a rabbit with me.

true 6 years ago

u are all idiots

Devin 6 years ago

Won't run the game, says it can't copy the file, but the file is right below it and seems to be okay. Can anyone help?

Mike 6 years ago

How do I download drug lord to my iPhone?

anon 6 years ago

there are so many ways to hack this game it is ridiculous. but addictive game.

jeter 6 years ago

how do i only get 50 days when im raking in like half a billion or more

ffffffffffffff 6 years ago


tiaan south africa 6 years ago

addictive...solid! more more moRE!!!!!!!

ssds 6 years ago


lol 7 years ago

anybody know to hack the limit days, please tell at this forum.. =)

khasmir 7 years ago

i love this game..=)

lil ceezar 7 years ago

addictive n fun game.i luv it

Jesus Christ 7 years ago

hey... c'mon fellas, be greatful you have this game. with cheats it defeats the purpose and the fun in it. I LUV IT!

DJMonsta 7 years ago

66,621,577 on my 2nd go! In fairness I had the original game years ago...

Abigor 7 years ago

Best Game /world

I <3 it!

ticking_time_bomb 7 years ago

I love this game and have been play for years,Whens the next version coming ??????

ujang 7 years ago

very good game

JaCKID 7 years ago

How do u get it on Mac??????!

Riaan 7 years ago

? Cant i download the game on my bbêrry

Ex Sailor 7 years ago

When I was on the USS John C. Stennis. I racked up 13 trillion. The secret is to constantly be moving your crap all over the globe and when its in a city that needs it sell sell sell. at the end you'll have lost hundreds of thousands of drugs in various countries but the score is what counts.

billy 7 years ago


Pimpress Rache 7 years ago

DRUG LORD---55DAYS---$739,902,958 and what

GRETAR the drug lord 8 years ago

sam ?? haw can you only play 32 days when you gad $62,000,000,000 ????? you get more days after your promotion and your promotion after haw much monye you get did thy kill you ore are you laying bitch !!!

GRETAR 8 years ago

hoo was the drug lord?? 1,113,917,446

drug lord 8 years ago

hahahahahahha and naw i will beat my score i dont think it went to welll

drug lord 8 years ago

done 524,173,443 first time i haw play in one year

milan x 8 years ago

I am the fucking lord..... Beat that$ xD

phalanx1984 8 years ago

i've try most of these drug but after rehab n treatment d most drug that i can'nt stop is NIC'O'TEEN.....


Minor 8 years ago

It's a very cool game, this game is the bussines of one narc and the game is very adictiv and creacy jajajajajaja

tuker 102 years ago 8 years ago


Cylo 8 years ago

Dope wars is so similar and can be put on your phone

TURKISH 8 years ago

how to remove the day limit? i m da king of da drug lordz...!

Daniel 8 years ago

Please, tell me how to remove the day limit. I don't want to submit any scores or compete with anybody. I just want to play without the limit.

P.S. One of the best games I've ever played, if it had better graphics and stuff it would be a Major hit. Not that it's not already. Thanks.

The all time muthafukin king 8 years ago

ill chop all use cunts up. Then ill steal all yout drugs and sell them for money to buy a gun to shoot all of use cunts

bob 8 years ago

got to easy after a couple shots

pimp 8 years ago

run game as an administrator and will install looser_kid

chris 8 years ago

trying to install and says" unable to copy file" please email with answer looserkids_com@hotmail.com

ovar 8 years ago

i am a fucking drug lord

Allan 8 years ago

One of my Favourite all time games

Sam 8 years ago

$62,000,000,000 32 days!!! beat that bitches ;)

junior 8 years ago

still have not got the hang of it HAHAHA still sick

Anonymous 8 years ago

my best score is 50 trillion.BEAT THAT!

RayDickle 8 years ago

been playin 1 day 3.6bill its frustrating when big shipments go missing!!! but 24 trill like someone claims ??? better keep trying anyone log on n post results yet??

lance 8 years ago

play all day witout being stop like at a 90day max

kingkushsmoker420 8 years ago

dis game da shit.. all to say

shaikh yakub ahmed 8 years ago

love this game rather than anyother

Zecko 8 years ago

Luv this game too! Never stop playing until dawn!

whitedragon 8 years ago

my best score ever was 2,346,545,201,232

adam 8 years ago

love this game id pay for a drug lord three this game needs to be dubbed

Winston 8 years ago

OMW this was my Fav Game back then and now it even better ,

jan 9 years ago

very addictive.....

imran hoosein 9 years ago

lol middleburg

Oliver 9 years ago

If only drugs were legal i would be a multi billionaire. any way. so i will stick to the game - one of the best games ever

cool 9 years ago

bums are fun to look at

DonshaW 9 years ago

This is a hot game

fish man 9 years ago

its an awesome game pretty much

MAZZ 9 years ago


Chris 9 years ago

Haha my record is 199mil, which i did on my second try :)

jack greece 9 years ago


just try the staff.....

and then bay and shell

Lukas 9 years ago

It's been a while since I played this game!! 1st try I went into debt and dieded but on the 2nd play I made 11.6 billion!

I think my record is something like 56 bill... It was in 2001, my friend played all day and night to beat my score.. he finally did, with 57 bil, but he put mad hours into it

Justin 9 years ago

Made 52,000,000,000 easy as pie just ship everything once game gets big stick to crack and cocaine just find cheap prices and keep going back!!!

Nelson d'song 9 years ago

i really really love this game..

Roland rat 9 years ago

Ace game...........

Tony the tigar 9 years ago

i love drug lord....... And i think i'm in love with the girl who lives 2 door's down!

Dai 9 years ago

How do i get this on my phone???????/

Ants 9 years ago

Great game, like someone said the game is more addicitve than the drugs it features

Bill fish 9 years ago

Used to play this game years ago and i really think it made me eventually start taking drugs.... This game ruined my life!!!

nathan 9 years ago

it won't work n linux either that sucks

nathan 9 years ago

i just got my own computer use to have this on old one i have gotten the 30,000,000,000 it was hard +to do and it took me 7 days of non stop playing to get it it was worth it though that was alot of starting over.

Bob from Florida 9 years ago

I started playing this game back in 2000. I found it on a old floppy dis at a flea market. I have been playing it for many years and I have fallen in love with it. Great game for sure.

Ganesh Ranpise 9 years ago

its cool man getting addicted to it

jacob Pool 9 years ago

wont work on mac :(

socrates 9 years ago

am selling drugs in huge quantities.

neo 9 years ago

how to get the registration number??

wboss 9 years ago

Sick game. played it first when I was like 12, my mom freaked out because I played a drug associated game!

sup 9 years ago

sick f**king game

James 9 years ago

where is the version that can be played on Windows 7?

phillip denmark 9 years ago



John 9 years ago

My highest score is 1,097,299,754. Too easy where is Drug Lord 3.

zoya 9 years ago

this game is wicked awesome -from malaysia

Tits McGee 9 years ago

My highest score was 340 000 pretty tough game.

leon 9 years ago

ip ganicksel buglump

Nakita 9 years ago

I love the game but only made 20 000 000 lol, it was great fun, i felt like a Notorious merchant

N 9 years ago

Love this game... It's about the only one i can safely play at the office with my supervisor right behind me. If you don't look too closely it looks like serious stuff lol.

dylan 9 years ago

hey ive been playing for ages... my highest score was 500 000 000 000

Daniel 9 years ago

This game is cool. Been playing it for a few years off and on. The highest score i have ever got was 10 billion second highest is 6 billion. I don\'t know how in the world people get up in the trillions. but you\'ll have fun playing it no matter what your high score is..

mint 9 years ago

how come a can\'t play it on vista?can any1 help me?please..

adhon_dconemizza 9 years ago

The Fantastic game.. From Indonesia

mike 9 years ago


Rangimarie 9 years ago

Mean Game....im addicted

TheChamp 9 years ago

sooo great!!!i rate 100%

kev 9 years ago

a cant get over 10000000

James 9 years ago

Wicked game, I remember the first version from when I was at school, realy helped me through Economics!

Does anybody remember a similar game called Rock Star? was equaly as cool! if anybody has a link please let me know!

Phill 9 years ago

Why would you use cheats on this game? It would defeat the purpose. But then I can only get $348,872,449 without cheats, so...

dani g 9 years ago

oh by the way, that's run by msn, so im not just giving you some random website with viruses or anything, and its just a screen picture

Jerimy 9 years ago

its an addicting game, but the 55 day limit is a depressing feature. and how the he77 do u get 30 billion. ive only made 7 billion

KoolKim 9 years ago

This is such a nice game,

as good as simple!

Thumbs up!

BDM 9 years ago

I love this game! I have been playing it for years and my best Top score is 1.3 Trillion! Very easy to play, but the day limit needs to be extended. For anyone who needs help, try quitting and start a new game with the price of Heroin going down and at a low price. Look in Info for the most expensive price and then fly off to that city and sell. Don't forget to get No-Scent for your trip. Once you make a little more cash, do the wjole process over and over. Make sure that you purchase bigger guns to take care of the hassles along the way. Go to the hospital every once in awhile or you may die. Keep going and you will get over a Trillion!

Marni 10 years ago

Beautiful, i have played this game (and the previous ones) for the past Seven years, they are awesome, and should be made into much larger scale type projects.

muzz 10 years ago

awesome i got hooked n now my nephew loves it aswell

bong hendry 10 years ago

nice game.i just can only $ 40,098,638

55 days drug lord :)

Godneps 10 years ago

A great trading game - I just wish there was no 55 day limit and that there was some way to kill more of the airport security! I too would like to know how to make $30,000,000,000 as I can't beat $5,000,000,000!!!!!

joskar 10 years ago

ITs great!!!!

roy 10 years ago

this game is fun and the only bad thing is they need to make a druglord 3

wando 10 years ago

just needs better graphics but its the boss. how much better on play station? should try make one

Tersia 10 years ago

how do you save the high scores?

danny 10 years ago

every time i go to follow a rumour airport security always kill me grrrrrrrrrrrr how can u buy more then 10 cans of no scent?????????

zach 10 years ago

where are the cheat codes for this game?

gerry 10 years ago

wat a winner love this shit

Guest 12 years ago

as soon as you get into this game you can't stop! so simple and so much fun, possbily the best ever tycoon game

Guest 12 years ago

Drug Lord 2 is awsome, someone needs to design it to remove the day limit, then see how much money you can make.

Guest 12 years ago

Drug Lord, awsome game!! Are there updates that give you more days?

BRFE Meowskins 12 years ago

yea the graphics needs work on.. but i like the sound when u leave the shop... toodeloo

mr_sinista29@yahoo.com 12 years ago

where the heck is the CHEATS FOR THIS GAME!

stef 13 years ago

its a fab game

Alan 13 years ago

I think this game is da nuts,i just cant stop playin it . the first time i played drug lord was about 6years ago on the origanl one keep them coming.

john 13 years ago

It's such a fantastic game. All i can say that thank you pcgaming. I can"t even think of a better game. The game's too marvellous to describe. Just play it and you will beg pc gaming if you want a game

Big G 13 years ago

Insanely addictive game. a masterpiece

icecold 14 years ago

it's a cool game my friend

patrick 14 years ago

I wish you could have more days

Batman 14 years ago

very amusing, and entertaining. AREA DISTRUPTER!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Nikki 14 years ago

I just really love this game............... thats all i have to say!!!! ;o)

marcus_blacc 14 years ago

Because it's a great idea that hasn't been fully realized. I see it not only as it is, but where it could and should be. The game is simple and easy to learn with a story and main goal. All us comp geeks appreciate it.

Kenny 14 years ago

I'm the best at this sh*t so everyone better know it.

zara 14 years ago

It's great!! Could be better, maybe some corny graphics to go with the corny frame and sounds dont ya think?!

Mark 14 years ago

This low-tech game is much more addictive than the drugs it features. I have been playing it for about a year and it is still as appealing and fun as the day I got it. The only downside is that I am racking my brain trying to figure out how people make 30 billion dollars when I can only pullin 4 billion! This game is the greatest freeware game I have ever found on the internet and will give you many hours of frustrating pleasure.

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