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Super Munchers

Developer: MECC
Year: 1991
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: 90%
Downloads: 13,022
Size: 273 KB
Added: 9 years ago

Our Super Munchers Review

A classic educational game played by almost every elementary school student in the 90's. This game is akin to Jeopardy and trivia. You can play a variety of categories, including Animals, Famous Americans, Food and Health, Geography, Music, Odds 'n' Ends, and Challenge. In each level, you get a subject for which you are to "eat" every matching answer.

It's fun playing this once again, and I was surprised at how challenging it can still be. There are three levels of difficulty and even at the 'Beginner' level I got some tricky chemistry questions. Even if you know your stuff, your skills are put to the test, as there is a time limit as well as the always-present threat of "Troggles", the four monsters that will eat you if you cross their path.

Overall, it's a blast from the past and incredibly addictive given its educational nature. It plays just like a classic; the controls are simple, the game is easy, yet it will keep you coming back for more.

12 User Comments

Will 3 years ago

How does this thing work?

Tawo 6 years ago

I wnt download mario game

Charles 6 years ago

I want to down load mario bross

kia 6 years ago

uuugh i cant get it to download :(

deb 7 years ago

i will play this game for just

Yvettee:) 7 years ago

I luv this game! i play it all the time!

amir 7 years ago


Krystle 7 years ago

I can't get it to work!

stormstorm 8 years ago

soo i used to love this gamee but how do i downloaaddd itt?

Sad Face 8 years ago

can't get it to run even if i try to use DOSBox

الهام 8 years ago

واقعا بازی جالبی

jayjay 8 years ago

This game is so fun.

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